TIMELINE: July 12, 2012 7-7:15pm Leaving Pershing Square

On July 12, 2012 around 7pm, about 3 dozen Occupiers leave Pershing Square in different directions.  They head towards Spring Street between 5th and 6th Streets.  Around 7:15pm about 2 dozen of the group arrive on Spring Street and 5 police officer jay walk across the street to approach them.

[Place marker: video will be uploaded shortly showing Group gathering to leave Pershing Square. Please return to this page for additional documentation as it is added to the timeline.]

Blue Chalk on the Sidewalk

A Chalk Art Statement at Art Walk

A with circle around it

Blue Circle Around “A” in “USA” with Rain Drops

Wall with Chalk on it

A Bypasser looks at some chalk on the wall

This link goes to a Ustream highlight which shows a handful of Occupiers walking over to the action the time frame of the clip is 7:09 – 7:18 and when they arrive the LAPD already has one Occupier detained.  This video is very blurry and choppy. The audio is clear though: http://ustre.am/_1CuOm:1bdn


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