TIMELINE: July 12, 2012 7:15pm First Arrest

On July 12, 2012 around 7:15pm, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers make their first and only arrest of an Occupier for chalking “vandalism” at Downtown LA Art Walk where Occupy LA planned a peaceful outreach and awareness art project called chalk walk.

Footage shows that the intersection at 5th and Spring Streets had at least 1 Parking Enforcement Traffic Officer, orange cones, additional traffic signs, etc. Yet, the LAPD fail to properly shut it down during several arrests.

In an video of the intersection, the Traffic Officers does not seem to be directing traffic too well after the first two squad cars cross the intersection going south on Spring Street. Captain Horace Frank and Officer Casey can be seen telling cars to go back and turn west on 5th Street but neither stays long enough to insure safety.

Cars still slip through. Finally, several squad cars block all traffic.

The LAPD bring out over 40 officers, 12 bicycles, 7 squad cars, and 3 motorcycle bikes to shut down Spring Street just south of 5th Street. Shortly after the detainment LAPD officers began pushing Occupiers with their batons. Some of the LAPD push some of the Occupiers into the street.

Occupiers began chanting “Shame! Shame! Shame!” as LAPD surrounds them.

Occupiers also read California Civil Code 52.1 to the LAPD gathered on the street.

Audio recording captured of First Chalking Arrest at Downtown LA Art Walk

First Arrest Sgt on Walkie Talk

LAPD Sgt Conteras on Walkie Talkie for First Arrest

Sgt Conteras calls for Back up

LAPD Sgt Conteras calls for back up

First Arrest with LAPD Line

LAPD line up in front of Occupiers on the Side Walk

Two women walk through the lines

Two females walk through a line of LAPD and Occupiers

21 LAPD in Street

LAPD Officers Line up in the Street for First Arrest

A bunch of LAPD for First Arrest

More LAPD Officers with Capt. Frank in Background

Street full of LAPD

About 20 LAPD fill the street for First Arrest

About 20 Cops in Frame

LAPD deployed all these officers (and more) for the first Chalk Arrest

Not only were officers sent in, so were their vehicles.

LAPD Motorcycle Cop

Motorcycle cop at Art Walk for First Arrest

LAPD cops with bikes and Motorcycles

Several LAPD officers on bikes and motorcycles for first Arrest

In addition to LAPD officers, private security officers take action in the law enforcement activities.

Security Lady from Garage

Female Security Guard on Walkie Talk

Security Guard with Hands on Hips

Male Security Guard with Hands on his Hips

4 Private Security Guard

Four private security guards

Guard with finger raised

A Private Security Guard raising her Finger

Security Guards at Art Walk

Two Business Improvement District Security Guards

First Arrest at July 12, 2012 Downtown LA Artwalk for Occupy LA’s Chalk Walk This video is blurry and choppy but the audio is ok.

Just after the first arrest at Chalk Walk This video was captured live. It’s blurry and choppy but gives a sense of what happened at July 12, 2012 at Downtown LA Art Walk.


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