TIMELINE: July 12, 2012 Downtown LA Art Walk and Chalk Walk events

Below is a hyperlinked timeline of events that occurred on July 12, 2012 at the Downtown LA Art Walk in regards to Occupy LA’s public outreach and awareness art project called Chalk Walk.

Clicking on the times will bring you to more info, photos, videos, and articles related to that time in the timeline.

6:30pm     Briefing Pershing Square

About 3 dozen Occupiers meet in Pershing Square for a briefing, preparation and fun.

7:00pm     En Route

Occupiers joined by a few more and disperse into Downtown LA Art Walk crowd to meet up on Spring Street between 5th and 6th.

7:15pm     First Arrest

LAPD send out at least 40 officers for the first chalking arrest around 7:15pm with 12 bicycles, 7 squad cars, and 3 motorcycles. There were maybe a couple dozen Occupiers at this location at the time of the arrest.

7:30pm     In Between 1st & 2nd Arrests

Occupiers and Police interact with the public during the time in between the first two arrests for chalking.

7:45pm     Second Arrest

As a group of Occupiers reads MacKinney v Neilsen and California Civil Code 52.1 to about 10 LAPD standing in a driveway, a random man picks up a piece of chalk and draws a heart with the words “the police” next to it.

After 7:45pm    In Between 2nd & 3rd Arrests

Different Occupiers interact with each other, the public, and some LAPD officers.

8pm     Third and Fourth Arrest

Two young men, not affiliated with Occupy LA, were arrested by LAPD for chalking on the sidewalk.

8:15pm     Fifth Arrest

LAPD make their fifth arrest of the evening.  This young man has not been a part of Occupy LA until this evening.  He’s from Florida and knows an Occupy Orlando participant who was arrested several times by Orlando PD and sued the City of Orlando for the arrests. The City of Orlando spent $200,000 defending the arrest and lost.

8:30pm     In between 5th & 6th Arrests

LAPD stood in the street, called in extra vehicles, called in back up from the Olympic division even though the occupiers remained peaceful.

8:45pm     Sixth Arrest

LAPD make their 6th arrest of the night. This young man is 1 of 5 non-occupy people who were arrested before 9pm. The only charges so far in the evening are for chalking.

9pm    Some Occupiers Leave the Area

The police began pulling out riot helmets. Some Occupiers choose to head to a fundraiser 4 blocks away.

9:15pm     LAPD Amass on 5th Street

The mere presence of LAPD Officers in mass, on 5th Street just east of Spring Street, draws a major crowd of curious onlookings, taking photos, and trying to figure out what they are all there for such a peaceful event.

9:30pm     Seventh Arrest

Shortly after 9:30pm, LAPD Officers violently arrest a petite female, throwing her around like a rag doll, slamming her face first into the ground, and body slamming her brother. The crowd is not happy with this display of injustice.

9:45pm     LAPD Clear Spring & 5th Street Intersection

LAPD form squirmish lines at the intersection of Spring Street and 5th Street. LAPD clears the entire intersection splitting the crowd into three sections: 1) North of 5th on Spring 2) South of 5th on Spring, and 3) West of Spring on 5th.

10:00pm     LAPD Shot First Victim

Around 10pm, the LAPD shot into a crowd of people and injure a young man. Video and Photos show a bleeding chest wound.

10:15pm     Media Shows Up

Mainstream media finally shows up on the scene but none of them really seem interested in getting the Occupiers’ side of the story even though press releases were offered to many of them and even though ocucpiers tried to explain what happened.

10:30pm     Second Rubber-Bullet Victim

LAPD push a man, shoot him at close range, kick a skateboard into his face, then squash his face into the ground before violently arresting him.  Occupiers try to help the man when he fell.

10:45pm     LAPD Move Crowds Further Apart

LAPD continue to move crowds further from Spring and 5th Streets.


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