TIMELINE: July 12, 2012 around 9:45pm Squirmish Lines & Fire Crackers

On July 12, 2012, around 9:45pm, someone throws fire crackers off of a balcony.

By that time in the timeline, the cops have several squirmish lines in the intersection of Spring Street and 5th Street. The police had split the crowd up into two sections going north and south on Spring Street.

No dispersal orders have been give up to this point yet.

Bystanders were wondering what was going on. The Crowd is loud but not peaceful. Just a police helicopter flies over head. The helicopter sounded like it might have been announcing something but it was unclear what the helicopter actually An ambulance has been called for to the scene and has crossed police lines.  Not sure who it was called for.

People are taking pictures and videos and posing in front of cop lines. People are out on the balconies and looking out windows.

At this point there are only about a dozen occupiers left on the scene.

The LAPD begins to advance on the crowd without warning which terrifies the crowd. This is when the LAPD split the crowd that was north side of Spring Street. Some people are pushed further north and some people are pushed west on This is when the first things start to be thrown.

LAPD form Squirmish Lines in the Intersection of Spring Street & 5th Street

LAPD Squirmish Line on the South End of Spring & 5th

People Gather in Curiousity to Watch LAPD

There are no Occupiers in this Picture

LAPD in Police Line

Unknow Female Chalks on Pavement

Unknown Female Dances in front of LAPD Lines

Female LAPD Points to Something Above the Crowd

Savagetruth Ustream video captured live.

PMBeers Ustream video caputred live. Another longer segment from PMBeers Ustream.

OccupyLA Civic Engagement Ustream video captured live.


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