TIMELINE: July 12, 2012 around 9:15 pm LAPD Amass on 5th Street

On July 12, 2012, just before 9:15pm, after some Occupiers have left the area, other Occupiers and Art Walkers notice Los Angeles Police Department amassing on 5th Street just east of Spring Street.  Their mere presence attracts curious onlookers.

When Occupiers discover the police amassing, there was no one in the intersection. LAPD had put up some orange cones that made at least part of the intersection seem closed to vehicles but open to pedestrians.  No vehicles could get by the cops on 5th Street.

At this point in the timeline there are no Occupiers blocking sidewalks or streets. Half of the remaining Occupiers play hopscotch with some kids that joined them.  The rest check out the police.

Also, there are LAPD Officers still standing in front of the small printshop even though the owner again asked the LAPD to leave his store front. The LAPD told him they were going to stay in front of his business until Occupiers leave.

People start taking photos and videos of the police.

Those in the intersection are not occupiers, they are artwalkers.  The crowd gets loud “booing” the cops in the middle of the street.

LAPD Begins to Amass Even Though the Crowd is Peaceful

At First it was Just Bike Cops

Massive Numbers of LAPD Gather at Peaceful Art Walk

LAPD Officer Gears Up

Another LAPD Officer Getting Ready For a Riot at Peaceful Art Walk

People Take Photos/Videos of LAPD

More LAPD Officers Line 5th Street

Intersection clear so far

Only LAPD in the Partially Closed Down Intersection at 9:19pm

More Bike Cops in 5th Street

Bike Cops with Riot Cops Behind Them

5th Street Completely Full of LAPD Despite Peaceful Event

Some People Standing on 5th Closed by LAPD Presence

Ustream footage shows people following safety laws when crossing the intersection.

Ustream footage captured live, very choppy and blurry. The audio is ok. This video goes from 9:14 to 9:20pm and just shows Occupiers on the sidewalk interacting with police in the street and each other.


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