TIMELINE: July 12, 2012 around 10pm First Shot

On July 12, 2012, LAPD Officer 37296, made the first of the night with a green rubber-bullet shot gun right after a Sgt. speaks to him.

Just before the shot rang out, there were three civilian vehicles which drive up through the crowd.  Two Sgts break line and approach vehicles to tell them to turn around.  The shot rings out as the vehicles begin to turn around.

An innocent bystander, Charlie Shepard, is shot in the chest.

He shows his wounds to a gathered crowd and news crews.  News crew just started arriving on the scene at this time.

During the 15 minutes, several shots can be heard with several directions.

The crowd chants: “Who do you Protect? Who do you serve?” and “They say get back. We say fight back”.

Each time the LAPD advances without warning the people in the crowd scream, run, duck, and scrambled.

Green Shot Gun Slightly Raised

Green Shot Gun Slightly Lowered

Green Shot Gun Raised and Aimed

Sgt Speaks to LAPD Officer 37296

LAPD Squirmish Line Advances North on Spring from 5th

First Rubber Bullet Victim Bleeding

People Running after LAPD Advance Squirmish Line

General Services Vehicle

OccupyLA Civic Engagement Ustream footage captured live.

PMBeers Ustream footage captured live.


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