TIMELINE: July 12, 2012 after 7:45pm Between 2rd & 3rd Arrests

On July 12, 2012 after 7:45pm (after the second arrest) at Dowtown LA Art Walk where Occupy LA had a public outreach and awareness art project called Chalk Walk.

Occupiers interact with Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers and the public.  Bystanders can be seen walking through the group.

Ustream footage captured live. The video is very choppy and blurry but the audio works.

Sidewalk Chalk at Art Walk

FTP Chalk on the sidewalk at Art Walk

Love the LAPD

A Bystander had just been arrested for drawing this

[Place marker: video will be uploaded shortly showing Chalk Buckets and Bags. Please return to this page for additional documentation as it is added to the timeline.]

Ustream footage caputed live, showing what happens in between the second and third arrest at Downtown LA Art Walk

Ustream footage captured live, showing Occupiers doing outreach with flyers. It also shows a concerned mother worried about being arrested for allowing her young boys to chalk on the sidewalk.


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