TIMELINE: July 12, 2012 7:45pm Second Arrest

On July 12, 2012 around 7:45pm, Occupiers read a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in MacKinney v Nielsen from 1995 and the California Civil Code 52.1.  As the group finishes the first paragraph of the civil code, a random man walks up, grabs a hot-pink colored piece of chalk and draws a heart with the words “the police” next to it.

Within moments, the unknown man has 4 different LAPD officers detaining him with a 5th in his face. The man was not resisting yet there were about 40 other officers deployed to the scene haphazardly shutting down Spring Street just south of 5th Street.

Private security also assists the LAPD with this second police line formation.

This video shows Occupier reading California Civil Code 52.1, with people walking by on the sidewalk, when the unknown man writes on the sidewalk.

I believe this youtube video was taken towards the tail end of the second arrest:

This video has a small segment at the beginning that shows the second arrest and then shows clips from later in the night.

Unknown Man Arrested for Chalking

Random man drew a heart with the words “the police” next to it

Four LAPD restrain Second Arestee

At First, It took 4 LAPD Officers to Detain this Man even though he wasn’t Resisting

This man has 5 LAPD officers touching him during the arrest

Then It took 5 different LAPD officers to Detain this Peaceful Man

At least 5 LAPD in the street

LAPD Officer Films Occupiers during Second Chalking Arrest

LAPD use Private Security for Public Law Enforcement

Private Security Guard is in the Street with LAPD

LAPD shut down Spring Street for 2nd Arrest

There are about 15 LAPD Officers Visible in the Street

LAPD with Helmet in Police Line

A motorcycle cop standing the a Police Line

LAPD Bike Cops on Spring Street

Two LAPD bike cops with a Security Guard with a Bike in the Background

Street full of LAPD

At least 10 LAPD Officers in this Part of the Spring Street. More out of Frame.


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