TIMELINE: July 12, 2012 7:30pm Between First Two Arrests

The first chalking arrest happened around 7:15pm and the second arrest happened around 7:45pm at Downtown LA Art Walk on July 12, 2012.  Below is photo and video evidence of what occurred between these two arrests.

Ustream live recording in between the first two arrests

LAPD Leaders

Three of the lead LAPD officers of the night observing peaceful Occupiers

Cops and Occupiers

More than 10 LAPD officers stand around observing Occupiers

Private policing with Public Police

A private security guard whispers to LAPD Sgt Conteras

Filming Each Other

Several Chalk Walk Participants Film LAPD Filming Them

LAPD officer Casey Films Crowd

LAPD Officer Casey Films Occupiers at Art Walk in between first and second arrests

LAPD Officer Casey Films

LAPD Officer Casey Continues Filming while Looking Away

LAPD Officer Continues Filming for Casey

Another LAPD Officer Takes Over Filming for Casey

LAPD Blocking Driveway

There are about 10 LAPD Officers standing in the Driveway

Live Stream recorded in between first and second arrest This video is choppy and blurry but you can hear the activities that happened around 7:30pm.  The video shows more officers jay walking and Captain Horace Frank telling peaceful people that he will declare an unlawful assembly and will arrest everyone.

UStream footage capture live, shows some of what happened in between the first arrest at 7:15 and the second arrest at 7:45pm.  The video is choppy and blurry but gives a sense of the interchanges with LAPD and participants of Chalk Walk.


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